Life on the Streets, part I.

Editors note: Cahanna of the Exodar did her very best at transcribing the “street talk” of young men and women in Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, the Exodar and Dalaran. These are the verbatim notes of her research, part of a thesis “Streets of the Alliance”.

This is presented as is. The Stormwind – and indeed the Alliance – streets has a language of their own. It’s hard to follow, but one who knows where to look can see further. Let the wise men and women decipher the truth.

Please note that High King Varian Wrynn declined to comment on the section below.

– – – – – –

Subject 1: Steve (Stephan, last name unknown, nickname Sloopy, Sloppy Steve, Uther ada Street, aged 14, male human orphan, place of birth – likely Goldshire, place of residence – Stormwind):

Ya gotta yella? No yella? Guckya then goatii! Kay ya noda arcane so kay I talk jusdonna urt me kay! Plese, some yella? Shinie go too, kay? No’opper, kay. Aint no Mcnab amma not amma Breaker Boie! We rula da cueee’ere ya’ere!? Yella, oneofem cool magics, ya ma frin’no. So I speek kay? We cool yeh? Yeh!

So yeh. Anway. Life on da streets, dey call it. Tha high-upp’rs yanow we call ’em. Yanow ryones goin on and on bout ‘Heroes of THE Alliance!’. No carebout us, kay. Ya feel it, doncha? Sure ya do bluiiee. Gotta blu inna gang we do, she call’d Rave she is. Cool gal yana. Shiving lefnaight fuckin monk she’s so dey sey. Sexxy! No wettin ma cock yano, sheurt yano iffa tryit ya? So annay, we younguns, we da can’t speak to da highuns. Dere solliers beat us dey do. Dey call us “trolls” cause dey don’t unstan ya gotta talk fast on da street or ya ded. nah jussice nah pice, yano?

Aintna fuckin horde we aint. No trolls we aint. Pop got killa dem horde orc. ainna horde Int. Feel? Yeh!

Yeh I gotta cation. See? Pefict! Ya kno what mon? Dat not da point. Amma on da street dusk to daan anna got time ta speek it, yano. Buchers gonan git me f I don speek fast or a gaard will. Bucher gotta otha kwarta, baduns dey be too dey jus kill not even sorry yano. Gonna stand up toem butta get solliers on da side’n gonna be stockade time innit’f we try innit? Yeh. Ainno hero’ere man. Amma gonna suvive – is all.

So pops gonnoff’n got kill in Norend, yano. Me amma jus like sis o’seven dat happen. Moms tried, moms really did yano, butta gaard came an den dey took me away. Da offie, yano. Or.Pha.Nage. Sos amma like sisteen noo yano, no more room inna offie. Gils get horin boy get fitin. Cause dats like it is, yano. Amma hangin by da trade cue, the aaigh, da place where da hero get’is amo’n’armo. Crap life yano butta gotta do what I gotta do. Gonna live, yeh. Amma jus da grunt, see? See init innit yeh yeh innit!?

Amma gonna die soon. Gaad gonna git me’n’amma off to da front. Like Monsta – his a sarge’e is – sed tame: “You gonna be a man once the Iron Horde breaks your fucking spine, so man up and shut it, trashboy!”.

Kinda not like’im I donna.


Yeh I shoutta dat when da’roes wen off ta die. Denna signed up, yano. Cause yano …

Guess dyin aint to bad’caus I wonbe’ungry namore, yeh.