In shadows – how it began


Sometimes when I’m frantically trying to meet deadlines, my brain decides to … go wild (I don’t handle stress that well these days, not since a complete burn-out some ten years ago). So, instead of sleeping I’ve been preocupied these last couple of sleepless nights with an incessant whisper in my mind. A muse found me. She also found me in a not particular good mood, since I really don’t have time for head canon stories about my characters. But there you have it. I did tell my muse a rather strong “Do you fucking mind!?” – but she didn’t. I think my muse is sort of one of those cute anime girls who would … never mind.

I’m going off on a long adventure here. The basis is my shadow priest, Vassannah. As most characters these days she’s woefully forgotten and spends most of her time managing total noobs with an iLvl way above her own. Followers, that is. Imagine that, huh? The heroes of Azeroth are nothing more than project managers these days.

Still, I have to give her something, so I gave her Illona. I don’t know how many parts there will be. Probably a few. But the idea is simply too good not to put down on “paper”.

Her backstory came back with a vengeance one day, when Akama sent her a letter. I imagine she opened it with trembling hands and a breath stuck in her throat because now her “teen” love would … but, alas, he thanked her for killing some orcs. Bastard.

No. This is not a shipping story. There is, however, sex and curse words involved. Be warned if you don’t like that kind of thing.

Big Sis, Shuanna, has her demons – from Icecrown. Adopted Sis, Sharenne, has her demons – from Darkshire. Vassannah has her demons – from Pandaria.

This is what happens when a shadow priest can’t escape the grasp of the Sha and becomes lost …

In shadows.


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