If Ingemar Bergman was in charge of Draenei lore


“Daddy, when will the Legion fall?”

“Soon … ”

“You said that five planets ago.”

“You eat your brocoli now or the legion will get you!”


“Yes, hon?”

“Does the Legion eat brocoli?”

“No, dear … The Legion eats little children who don’t eat their veggies.”


“Yes dear?”

“My friend Laurie, she’s human, she says adults are not supposed to scare kids … ”


“Nah, it’s just gramps with an orc mask.”

“Husband dear, we should never have aquired this Haloween thing …”

“There will be no more treats on Draenor. Only tricks.”

“Big Sis used to talk about the tricks she turned in Dalaran when she was down on gold, pa.”

“We. Do. not. Talk. About. Her.”


“Pass the salt, please?”


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