Army of One: How To Solo …

After thinking about it for a short while, about 50 seconds, I decided that what the Exodar Sisters lack in order to gain more visitors than me, myself, I and a stray cat looking for porn, is guides. It appears that quite a lot of succesful World of Warcraft-blogs out there on the internets have – guides. There’s guides to pet battles and fishing. There’s guides to raiding and PvP. I’m pretty sure there’s guides to ERP as well (though I haven’t exactly googled for it). So, if I’m ever to break into the pro league of WoW blogging I need a guide section.

I’m going to create soloing guides.

Nifty, eh?

Now … given who I am, these guides … well … erhm … might be useful. Of sorts. I’m sure everyone has had some trouble with som old content at some point. So just to create a stabile footing for the excursions into the Truly Heroic – how to defeat a Terrible Monster on Your Own! – I’m starting with the basics.

So here it is, ladies, gentlemen, virmen and gnolls:

How To Solo Hogger at Level 90.


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