I’ve been far too lax with the Exodar Sisters lately. One of the things keeping me away from the words has been a sort of creative faintness. Not exactly a writers block – I’ve been writing a lot of “work related” stuff after all – but more of a drowsiness. As if the words were a brook that someone had built a dam across. Initially a rather sucessful dam, sort of when The Loosers Club in Stephen Kings “It” dammed up the brook going through the Barrens (eventually backing up plumbing miles away). But, as luck have it, someone blew a hole in the dam the other day.

It was a walk that did it. A rather grizzled walk at that. I’m going to make a mental note here – don’t go for a walk when it’s almost 30 degrees celsius outside. Anyhow – the heat apparaently shook loose some cretive stones (I wish it would improve my spelling as well but you can’t have it all, huh?).

Thus I’ve decided to redo the blog a bit. A new design, a bit of an update. Cleaning away some debris, leaving it brand spanking new. Or at least a bit more polished.

Updates to follow during the day … if this heat doesn’t cook me alive.

(Seriously, weather, stop being so fond of sunshine! Go rain or something!)


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