Speedy’s Corner, part 1

All of this is “as is”. There’s spelling errors.

Think of it as a first draft, done in public.

I just had to get it out of my head.

The chrono chimed at 6 a.m but Naz snoozed for another hour. No matter. By the time he went down to the kitchen, Thiss had allready sent the kids off to school and Naz enjoyed his morning kaffa in silence. Fried small eggs, canned kimchi, smoked talibuk venison on Nagrand hardtack. Life was good for Nazgrim Nightwind.
It could have been far worse.

Some mornings, as Thiss hurried from the kitchen to the walk-in closet and five minutes later emerged in a flurry of clothes, dressing as she sped through the apartment, Naz thought ‘I’m so lucky to have her’. Things could have been quite different indeed, had not a chance meeting at Gazzies eight years ago turned into a marriage (eventually). He didn’t care Thiss was the one with the gold. Sooner or later Naz would get his break. He kept a close eye on the literary trends. Last year goblin poets had been popular. This year – well, orc authors was shaping up to be A New Fresh Voice. At least as long as they didn’t deviate too far from the norm; poetry and appologetic history was fine, hardboiled crime fiction was not. Too bad Naz was one of the latter. If only the editor would call … Anyway! While waiting for the break he had his part-time down at Speedy’s Corner.

“You allright, hon?” Thiss said, loading her pockets with an arcpad, lighter and other personal effects. Pale blue office dress, a crimson cloth belt, white shoulders.
“Yeah I’m fine,” Naz said. He chuckled. Once upon a time, his final year at Ogrimmar University, he wrote a thesis on fashion and its historical roots. Shoulders never went out of style. Except in the 70’s. Not many had read the thesis, sure, but nevertheless he got his masters. Not too bad for someone like him; welfare scholarship (“peon”, as better-off students called him). He still remembered the professors shoulders; foam ones, tuskshaped (back in the 80’s the trend of retro orchish had been a big fad; it went out of style because of global reasons).

“Yeah I’m fine,” Naz said, smiling. He sipped some kaffa, fingers allready drumming on a pack of Fellies. Thiss didn’t smoke. Naz smoked on the back porch. He always felt a bit embarassed about it. “Just thinking about us, ‘s all.”
“Really now?” Thiss smiled, brushing white hair from her forehead, trapping it behind her long ears.
“You know … ” Naz shrugged, feeling silly. “Never mind.”
“Oh nothing. Was just thinking. Seriously, go allready!”
“Right,” she chuckled. “I’m off, love. Uh … Garrosh has a doctors appointment at three, and Tyrias piano teacher comes at five. I’ll be home at eight, nine latest. Big thing going down today, real big. I’ll get some free time once it’s over.”
“That the darnassian deal coming to close?”
“Uh-huh.” Thiss chuckled. “Gonna get a bonus!”
“Good luck, then.” He hesitated. “Wait … you mean I need to go to a dinner!?”
“You look sharp in a tux, big boy, you know it! Next friday.”

She laughed. Her pale white shining eyes fixed themselves on him. then she touched his temples with her fingertips, leaning close, kissing him.
“You’ll be fine … ” she whispered.
“Guess so” he said.
“Don’t forget Garrys doc, hon’. You know.”
“Yeah, redpox shot. I know. I’ll take care of it, don’t worry.”
“I know you will.” She took a few steps towards the back door but stopped. Then she turned, hurried across the kitchen and kissed Naz. “Love you. Elune grant you strength!”
“Be safe!”

But Thiss didn’t hear him, she was allready out of the house. In less than a minute he heard the engine rev. She always started her days with a burnout. The neighbours didn’t like it but the neighbours were all human.

Naz did away with the dirty dishes, then stepped out on the back porch. He lit his first for the day, dragging deep, leaning his head back. Breathed out a thick cloud of blue-white smoke, peering at the brightly colored tricycle Garrosh had toppled over on the back lawn. It’s funny how your mind works. Naz got an idea for a child abductor, right there. A few minutes later he was jotting down notes in bulletpoint. If only an editor would call – so many ideas!

He went inside, had another mug of kaffa, rinsed it and then took a shower. Forty minutes later he sauntered into Speedy’s Corner, dressed in vlack fatigues and an old t-shirt. The t-shirt was his favourite; Kor’Kron Hardcore, a band he formed in his freshman year and almost made a record with. Then Chen (the pandaren), Harry (the human) and Baine (the tauren) found their own lives. Being a punk is something for your younger days. Naz later heard that Chen – they always called him Pigs – hit it big as a martial arts trainer. funny how life works out.

“Well well well well!” a nasal voice called from the back of the general store; diapers, sodas, chips and smokes. “Look who finally deemed himself worthy for a few hours of sacrifice on the golden altar of Get Rich Or Dye Drying!”
“Morning, Speed,” Naz said with a chuckle. “We cool?”
“Yeah, yeah, we cool.” Speedy, the goblin, stepped out from his ‘office’. “Ya’ll orcs ain’t ne’er amount to nuthin if y’all can’t keep time, dude.”
“Time is money, yeah I know.” Naz looked around. Old Thrall was at his usual place, seated squarely on the front porch sofa sucking his blackened pipe. Benny and Tinker was allready arguing about ‘those damned blueskins!’ not far from Thrall. Sometimes Naz wondered if growing old meant you had to endlessly repeat the same mistakes people of old had done. Still, they were all mouth. A dog that barks don’t bite.
“Better get to work, Naz,” Thrall said and chuckled. “Speeds been busy playing lotto. Even forgot dustin’ the secret shelves!”
“Speeds, seriously? You need to dump those rubbers. They’re falling apart!”
“Ain’t no kids done with Paladin, dude.” Speedy nodded, one finger nervously twiddling the gold ring in his right ear. “Y’all shouldall lissen to me long ago, I say!”
“Uh-huh,” Naz nodded. Then he chuckled. “Got some good one last night with fresh pally’s. Just so you know.”
“Ah!” Speedy nodded, then he wiggled a igner in the face of Naz. “You a young’un! You got it all sorted now, dontcha!”
“Yyy-eeep!” Naz nodded, grinning. “Shit, was so tough we even broke the bed!”
“Hippie treehugging wife proba’ly went all cat too,” Tinker said from the corner, grunting.

Naz just shook his head. He was used to the banter. He had taught himself to shut it out. Any given day during the hours he worked the regulars would cry havoc about ‘damned forignirs!’. It was just one piece of the charm with Speedy’s Corner. Good old Speedy, an up and coming goblin ever since he was born.

“Want me to sweep the paladin shelf?” Naz said.
“Don’t bother, Speedy said, lighting one of his foul felweeds. “Ain’t no’ones gonna buy ’em anyway. Damned arcane prots all these days y’know. High! Tech!” He spat a few flakes of green. “Not like when I was young! Had to order by mail from booty Bay y’kno’!”

“Uh-huh,” Naz nodded. He sat down behind the counter, pulled out a pen and a notebook and started thinking. tinker and Benny kept on arguing in the background. Old Thrall hollered for another rootbeer. Speedy grumbled his usual “someone’s gonna pay for dese y’all know old silly orc’. comfortable sounds, great sounds. Naz always felt at ease, thinking while the regulars quarreled. In just a few minutes Old Emma would come by and buy her teo gallon bottle of water. In a few minutes more the store would be filled with kids from the school a block down, trying their best to shoplift Zul’Drak Candybars and other sweets (and Speedy would yell at them of course he would yell, but then he would let them run away; he liked kids, even though he hated them).

Naz was just about to pen out a more fleshy idea about the gaudy tricycle and the child abductor when the silverbell above the door jingled.

Then Speedy’s Corner went unusually silent.


3 thoughts on “Speedy’s Corner, part 1

  1. Anoukisse May 6, 2014 / 3:49 pm

    Greetings Sister of the Exodar! ๐Ÿ˜€ I am Anou, author over at Diary of a Gnome Spy. I discovered your website recently, and I really enjoy reading your posts! ๐Ÿ˜€ If you don’t mind, I’ve added you to my blogroll, and also… I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award!


    Glad to read you!

  2. klokbok May 6, 2014 / 5:13 pm

    Why thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ I will get around to check out what it is in more detail later in the week.

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