Mists of Pandaria summed up


Let me sum up Mists of Pandaria as it played out for my posse of quirky draenei sisters. Well allright, the expansion isn’t exactly “over”. There’s still plenty of months left before Warlords of Draeenor. But even so there is this feeling of “overness” about it all, now, this late in the expansions life. All patches have been implemented, all bosses have been downed. So I thought I should sum it up – from my point of view of course. I’m not your typical WoW player I guess, I’m still too busy with old content to really pay attention to the cries of injustice about no flying or sucky PvP or whatever.

Personal objectives:
I did set out on the grand adventure of Mists of Pandaria with a few personal goals in mind. Much to my chagrin – and suprise! – I reached only one of them. In part because of a computer failure; I was unable to play World of Warcraft for the period between 5.1 to 5.3, pretty much the entirety of “relevant” latest end game patches. I guess I was lucky I’m not in a progression guild! So I’ve been taking it slow. I’m still working my way through Operation Shieldwall dailies by the way. I did manage to snag the title “the Hordebreaker” with a few days left of the now removed patch 5.3. That was pretty cool.

WoWScrnShot_081812_214258Cahanna: The first sister to hit the beach of Jade Forrest was Cahanna the Mage. Right from the start I realised that Cahannas days as a main was over. My plan of building up reputations on her was shot down early on, wich was a bit troubling. She was the one I had 40 exalted reputations on. But the very thought of running around and pew pewing mogu for 10 minutes per kill wasn’t very inviting. Cahanna the Wet Noodle was benched once I got her to 90. I dinged end level in Towlong Steppes, handing in the Ruthers Harness quest, after 5 days of rincewind-esque gaming. She certainly ran a lot!

Kitty2Kittyanna: Up until my old computer said “splonk!” and turned into a heater whenever I tried anything but Chrome or Word Kittyanna the Monk was off to a flying start. I deleted Kittyanna the Shaman to make room for the monk. As a monk she kicked her way through 1-85 in no time; I remember pulling almost 90K DPS in Stonecore once, effectively tanking the instance. It was a godmode class. MoP ramped up the resistance but I had no trouble downing either corrupted shado pan-monks or mogu. Then my computer died. Upon my return at the end of 5.3 I had forgotten about the multitude of buttons a monk has to press. My plan – earning the title Shado Master on Kittyanna – failed. She was benched right upon my return to Azeroth, the in-house scribe. A few days ago I deleted her – and turned yet again into a shaman.

WoWScrnShot_010114_150402Zavannah: Zavannah the Death Knight turned out to be a real honey. I had my doubts about DK’s, I had attempted the class several times before but never made it out of the starter zone. Then the name popped into my head one late night while trying to figure out what to do. Everything just seemed to click. She was born in late Cataclysm. I managed to snag Treacherous Bite (x2, she’s DW frost) before MoP hit. Once in Pandaria she carved her way into history, a killing machine, unstoppable! Then she inherited a farm and got all cosy with carrots instead. My plan of making her my new main didn’t work out as I had planned, but that’s ok. She’s a good farmer.

WoWScrnShot_120313_155726Savenna: Savenna the Shaman, well … As Kittyanna (who used to be my main shaman) was turned into a monk Savenna took up the totems. Getting her to 90 was a run of the mill-thing; after all, I have a certain routine with leveling. I was actually going to bench her once she had maxed out engineering (a prof I lacked). But she was persistant. Upon my return in late 5.3 she started to turn “main”. She could very well have ended up as that had not Shuanna happened.

WoWScrnShot_120813_155410Vassannah: Vassannah the Shadow Priest was an experiment at first. But oh boy was the class fun! She quickly won my heart and mind and is now my Main Cloth Class. I had dabbled with priests before but never gotten anyone past level 20. Now? Well, all of a sudden I’m sitting there with a beutiful but deadly (and slightly crazy) shadow priest rocking an iLvl of 537 with just a few more final steps before the legendary cloak. Vassie was a big suprise and nothing went according to plan (I hadn’t planned on a priest to start with!).

WoWScrnShot_112112_012250Sharenne: Sharenne the Warlock was a calculated progression character with the intention of becoming my main cloth. It almost worked out as well – then Vassannah showed up and stole Sharennes Maker away in an air of Mind Flays and ass-waggle. Tough luck, Sha, I still love you but you’re just too … quirky. Still, warlock is a walking howitzer and Sharenne will continue being my second cloth main. I didn’t reach the goal of a legendary cloak though. It’s doubtful I’ll have the patience with the amount of LFR needed to get it. But at least I got a lady of darkness. And a blue cloud.

WoWScrnShot_042214_010414Shuanna: The circle is complete. It happened very quickly, once she got her hands on a mace. She did “work” as a shadow priest for some time but then she turned vindicator again. Of all my characters Shuanna IS the MAIN. this was in no way expected or planned. It was an extremely nice suprise – even more so when I the other day realised she’s now rocking an iLvl of 539. For some it might not seem much but for me it’s a tremendous success. I do plan on a legendary cloak, if only I can get into LFR-mode again. I was a bit put off by the boosted 90’s distaster, but maybe things have changed.

After all, if we’re going back to Draenor we might just as well go there well dressed.


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