The Dark Paladin (transmog)


The Dark Knight – or more to the point, the Dark Paladin – was an idea that sprang up inside my head after the latest update to Shuannas backstory.

She’s not exactly your typical paladin. Well, maybe she is – but anyway, I felt all gold and glitter wasn’t her. Someone who’s about to go on a genocidal killing spree of untainted orcs, once Warlords of Draenor goes live, isn’t exactly the kind of role model the young paladin trainees need.

She’s growing dark, you know. I thought it fitting to give her a new armor.

Head: Helmet of the Steadfast Champion (JP vendor, Shattrath)

Chest: Thick Obsidian Breastplate (Blacksmithing)

Legs: Sentinel’s Plate Legguards (HP vendor, Ashenvale)

Belt: Chromite Girdle (World drop)

Gloves: Masterwork Spiritguard Gauntlets (Blacksmithing)

Shoulders: Revenant Shoulders (World drop)

Weapon: Blackfury (Blacksmithing)

The headpiece wasn’t much of a trouble to find, neither was the legs. Since I don’t usually PvP – at least not on Shuanna – I was a bit suprised to find I had just about enough honor points for the legs.


The chestpiece was by far the most complicated piece of gear. Farming the mats – 18 Large Obsidian Shards and 40 Small Obsidian Shards – required a number of visits to Ahn Qiraj on several characters with mining. I don’t think those obsidian statues like me much anymore …

The weapon was not as complicated, only it did take some extra effort. Since I’m a compulsive hoarder of “junk” I got lucky; I had all the dark iron needed and then some. The only drawback, of course, is that dark iron ore can only be smelted in Blackrock Depths – and 1 bar requires 8 ore. The weapon took 12 bars in total, plus some other mats (arcanite). It can only be made at the black anvil, also in BrD. My memory might be good – it’s also very short. So once I stood there by the black anvil I realised I had forgotten half the mats … wich meant another 5 minute trip.

But in the end I was rather pleased with how the dark paladin turned out. One can’t go around in Judgement all the time.


Wrong gauntlets, but I made a ton of Horde

angry just standing there

so I’m letting it slide.


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