The Battle at Halfhill


Farmhand Mmmmmmm, admiring the view

I sometimes like to think that there’s a prosperous trade in time travel tourism in Azeroth. There’s no other way to explain how droves of people go back in history and relives important moments. Then they go back, bags full of touristy junk – and purples of course. No doubt there’s a connection between this industry and that of the ethereals. Maybe the ethereals are the ones driving people back into the past as well. Or, you know, maybe it’s a way for the Bronze Dragonflight to earn a living now when their powers are spent. It sort of ties in to what Garrosh is up to come Warlords of Draenor.

The Battle at Halfhill

But first – the perils of farming. as you may know I recently retired Zavannah for good (?). She even took off her armor and went along with the more practical farmers gear. Things looked good there, for a while. Then the wildlife rebelled. She wasn’t alone in the battle of the farm, far from it. Mmmmmmm the Silent, a geist farmhand, did his best to fend off the onslaught of virmen. In the end vicctory was Zavannahs (ands Mmmmmmm’s).

That’s when the virmen regrouped. That’s when they called in air support. That’s when things took a turn for almost the worst. It turns out that a Red Lumberjack Shirt and Blue Overalls isn’t that good an armor in a fight for your (un)life. Things could indeed have ended in a severe farming accident had she not been equipped with her darned good melee weapons. Turning your swords to plowshares isn’t an option in Halfhill. Not with the virmen and their version of Stuka’s – the eagles.

The Battle at Halfhill

It was a fierce battle. For years to come, Den Den the Bartender and Farmer Yoon will retell it to anyone who wish to listen. Meanwhile, Zavannah will (probably) sit in a shady corner, puff her pipe, drink her ale and snicker … Allthough: It is possible she’ll end up retelling the story herself. She might be done fighting.

She’s never done telling tall tales of her adventures.


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