Scandal and Regicide



While Zavannah was busy playing seriously injured – just so Fish Fellreed, a girl she’s a bit sweet on, could tend to her wounds – things were amiss in Ironforge … One of the guards close to the Explorer’s League office noted teh comings and goings of a number of high profile draenei, including ato ne point the esteemed death knight, Zavannah. Curious, the guard sauntered over to an alcove not far from the Commons and peeped out the corner. The draeneis simply went up to a wall, one by one, turned around – and then stood there. A while. Then they hearthed out.

“By Thaurissans beard, dem lasses ‘re up to no good I tell ya!” the guard said. He hurried away, found a captain, reported his findings – a secret invasion of “dem blue lasses!”. Teh guard captain chuckled; Ol’ Hickory Stormfether was used to strange things afoot in Ironforge. He dropped a meaty hand on his guards shoulder, chuckled and said:
“Calm down there, soldier. They just makin’ pic’tres!”

It took the Exodar Sisters quite some time to line up. Imagery magic (as Cahanna calls it) was used in abundance. The end result was a rather decent picture of the usual suspects.


Left to right: Kittyanna, Cahanna, Vassannah, Zavessa, Cassanna, Zavannah.
Sharenne the Warlock managed to photbomb the event …

A few of them decided to decline a “photographic moment”. Or, as Shuanna stated: “Get that [foul eredar word] camera out of my face!”. It was an arranged “photo”, of course. No paparazzi around for miles. In fact – they were stealthed in Stormwind.


The new years celebration in Stormwind began slowly. Vassannah had barely mounted her latest mount – a gift from the esteemed paladin Mookíe and the short (but deadly) death knight Napkirály– when the party picked up speed. A few festive mugs later she succumbed to the party girl inside her … lo and behold, there was a table!

She couldn’t resist the tempation. There is, after all, only one way to resist temptation – to fall for it. She tossed back a few more mugs of ale, ran screaming across Trade Quarter Square and did what she does best (besides hurting things).

She danced.

No one paid her much attention at first. Then she was overcome with a slight dizziness, a slight heatstroke (let’s call it that). the scandal wouldn’t have been so bad had not other people joined in … and then there was gnomes running aorund in the shadows, snapping pictures. One of them eventually found it’s way to Velen the Prophet.


Velen sighed, deeply troubled. Then he issued the infamous Directive 66: Any guard who spots Vassannah teh Priest is hereby ordered to escort her off the Exodar premises, post haste. The Exodar Sisters are truning out to be one of the ancient prohpets most severe headaches. It’s said he was heard muttering to himself as he went back to his emditation chamber:
“Can’t wait for Draenors return, maybe that’ll shape them up, silly sisters.”

As the party came to a reluctant end, Vassannah did what she always do when a bit drunk, a bit ecxited, a bit … hot.

She picked a fight with a king.


Wich brings me back to how it all started in the post beforeTime travel tourism. The gallant trio of bold and brave adventurers took wings. they flew off to the north, far far away to the north. The cold weatehr flying of Northrend did Vassannah some good. by the time they touched down at the Argent Tournament Grounds she was almost sober. Something wich was quickly remedied; her festive mug was still not dry. That’s when a dog showed up as well, a brandy keg around its neck. Alas, what a good fortune!


She just trailed along with the others while making sure the dog brandy wasn’t poisoned. It wasn’t. Eventually she found herself inside an arena – facing terrible foes. Yetis and worms and what not … and finally, an eredar – the dread Jaraxxus. Jaxx had barely managed to show off his terrible powers before he went down.

One raid-notch later in her belt – it’s filled with notches by now, thanks to LFR – the party suddenly found themselves in dire straits. To be more precise – they found themselves in Icecrown Citadel. It wasn’t a planned assault but on their way to Dalaran, earlier in the evening, they had come across an ethereal mage.
“What would you say if I told you there is a ticket available to events past that reshaped the world as we kn–”
“Shut up and take my money!”

(That last line was Vassie, but you probably figured that one out by yourselves.)

Marrowgar went down – but not before he boned her (pun intended!). Other bosses went down as well; Horde gunships, vampires and crazy scientists alike. About an hour later the brave hero’s finaly found the right staircase. Had it not been for the brewdogs brandy they would all have frozen to death. But they prevailed!

Another death knigh joined the trio as well.

The four terrible avengers – tourists in time and history – made quite a show of the ultimate raid of wht some claim was the pinnacle of World of Warcraft. about 2 minutes later Arthas, the Lich King, was dead. Deadish.
“Well, that was fucking epic.”

(Yep, that was Vassie too.)

The Kingslayers went home. The Kingslayers went to bed. In the early morning light as a pale sun rose above Stormwind, Vassannah slept, content, tired, smiling …

This time, she slept without nightmares.


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