Meet the monk

I cringed a tiny bit last night as I was reminded of the the never ending quest for gear. A cricket cage for Vassannah for instance. Or something else to adorn someone else – Sharenne the Warlock perhaps, or Savenna the Shaman.

As if my LFR voes weren’t enough with those three Zavessa the Priest propbably needs a few bits and pieces as well. Then there’s of course reputations here and there; Zavessa is lucky though, engineers don’t need any rep-locked patterns. Still – the Sha of LFR was beckoning to me, whispering to me.

Nah, screw that.

I’m actually pretty content with where my different main characters are right now. Vassannah has all the right reputations for patterns. She’s got a comfortable iLvl 529, closely followed by Sharenne and Savenna. As for Zavessa, well – at the moment her basic Timeless Gear is more than enough for scenarios and the odd heroic dungeon. Some would probably argue that i need to cap Valor Points each week but I disagree. I don’t need to do anything. I have no one breathing down my neck for “progression” or “raid slots” or whatever. The only one pestering me about VP’s and iLvl is, well, me. There’s plenty of time for capping VP’s and upgrading gear – or finding new one. I’m not in a particular hurry with the legendary cloak. Most of all I don’t want to end up burning out because WoW turned World of Workcraft. I play WoW to relax. I don’t have many problems in WoW unless I create them by myself (forcing oneself to cap VP’s for instance and then end up thinking “well now wht? I don’t really need them? Waddya did that for?”). I do have one problem though.

I’ve run out of character slots.

The eleventh slot was occupied yesterday when I did what anyone should do. Especially if they start to feel like Sisyfos; you know the poor greek dude who never ever gets his boulder up to the top of a hill. A never ending task. I rolled a new character (a new boulder, if you like, it’s not like I’ve got enough boulders to roll).

Say hi to Ravennah the Monk.




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