Ghost story


By fire be purged! Teaching creepy crawlies what “kill it with fire!” really means.

That popping sound of eggs exploding … is always a bit icky.

Zavessa made it to level 90 in no time, really. With the help of some guildies the last 80% of the long slog of 89-90 was done in all but a few hours. Dungeons are good for that (even if we ended up running the same two dungeons over and over again). There wasn’t much in gear she needed – a full set of 496 Timeless Isle-gear was waiting. So, this is the “boring” reality of it. The immersion bit is a bit … well. The dark drama suddenly took on a decidedly Benny Hill-ish tint. A very talkative flying wasp-man didn’t exactly help.

Gurgling strained klaxxi-voices speaking of things of doom and gloom and a fashion distaster – well, there you have it. Que the silly music and just wait for a string of coppers, bugs and scantily dressed priest chase each other around in 48 frames per second. Wich in a way is just as good; Zavessa shouldn’t be the “dark and brooding” shadow priest. There’s allready one, and one is (probably) enough.

Someone should make her a robe.

Let’s chalk the unfortunate meeting with Sha of Hate down to a mere misunderstanding of pandaren culture. Maybe Taran Zu is right in his hostility towards us. After all – we are to blame for all the bad things that has happened. Just look at what happened at the Jade Temple. The nightmares have abated. Whatever sha that embodies itself these days only last for 30 seconds. She – or any of her sisters – are yet to lay their hands on a Gooey Shaling, but that will probably happen as well.

See – nice ro… oh, you’re dead. Again.

The transition from halfnaked adventurer to a wise (?) and experienced shadow priest not only came with a rather nice looking robe. It also came with – death. The number of times she did her spirit walk was shocking. If Zavessa have nightmares in the future it’s likely about Timeless Isle. That place is pure murder – especially for clothies – before you have stocked up on isle-buffs.

Funny thing though. The scariest part of this last leg of a fairly long journey wasn’t sha’s, or dungeons, or Northrends lack of cobalt. It wasn’t the emerging backstory for a care-free, sometimes gullible, yet not exactly flimsy shadow priest. So – what was it?

Poor Mookíe the Paladin (she’s in front).
“I don’t believe in ghosts”, she said as she lined up for a ‘vacation photo’.
“That’s allright,” a voice said, an echo from forgotten aeons. “We believe in you.”



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