Seeing the elephant in cobalt hell

After a turbo-blasted trip through the shattered remnants of Draenor Zavessa the Priest, now nicknamed Zed by a funny tank in Mana Tombs, eventually made it further north. “Zed” managed to stay alive all through Outland. So far she’s managed to stay alive even in Northrend. The worst part isn’t the level of the monsters.

She’s in cobalt hell.


The great wall of Northrend is starting to show itself. I believe the expresion “seeing the elephant” would be approriate. But you know – why don’t we let “Zed” tell it, herself. She might even show some vacation photos … oh dear.

– – – – –

Right then, uhm … *giggles* Less see … Uh, right. Ahm …. Well … Uh … *giggles*

– – – – –

Ok, maybe not.

Zavessa is in fact quite shy. She’s done her duty as a mercenary, yes, but most of the “missions” has been quiet, silent affairs. It’s amazing how the silence can be so thunderous in a PuG when she mumbles a “hi”.

Outland was in fact fairly boring. The funniest thing that happened was the tank who named her Zed. There was a night elf druid in Shattrath who /lay in front of her demanding a belly-scraatch (druids in catform are a peculiar species). Other than that it was routine: Mining, scorunching up enough fel iron an adamantite to level engineering to a sufficient level.

Off to Northrend at level 68 …


Remember Nagrand … don’t think about cobalt … remember Nagrand …

cobalt hell.

The grand expextations of a fast romp through the frozen wastes is allready starting to turn sour. Apart from almost freezing to death the proffession leveling has hit the well known snag of cobalt. Or rather – the lack of cobalt. Had it not been for the repeat runs through Utgarde Keep it’s unlikely she would even have gathered a handful of the precious blue. Luckily Savenna the Shaman had bits and pieces left from her own adventures in Northrend engineering.

Zed is seeing the elephant allright. While the experience points keep ticking away, the great wall of Northrend looms above her. The lack of cobalt is excrutiating. Level 90’s out mining don’t help. there’s 8-14 nodes in teh entire Borean Tundra, most of them allready looted …

No wonder she’s seeing the elephant.

It’s with a certain dread I see Warlords of Draenor far way, slowly getting closer. Unless the free 90’s also get to bypass proffession leveling, I see a lot on unemployed 91’s in the future. Engineeering, blacksmithing and jewelcrating is likely the worst proffessions to level through Northrend. The dread place of undeath and cold …

Cobalt hell.

If there were at least some nice transmogs to look forward to. But Northrend is the North Korea of warcraft fashion: Brown, black and … brown. With a few tiny specks of blue. Or black. Or brown. Blurgh.

But you know, if she’s come this far there’s no reason to stop. She’s just got to grit her teeth to stop them form chattering in teh sub-zero cold, hunt down the blue nodes, keep an eye on the auction house … and wait until the blood of Old Gods starts popping up. Northrend might be cobalt hell.

It sure is saronite paradise.


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