The Holy Engineer

Sportsbard had a great advice the other day. When things start to feel stale – do something unexpected! Try something new! Wich is why I did something I almost certainly didn’t expect me to do.

I rolled another priest.

(It’s almost “do something new” – so I’m in the clear!)


Zavessa, the Holy Engineer

One of the downsides with having many alts are time. Investing any omunt of time in a dozen characters at the same time can be quite tricky. More often than not a few characters are left in the dust, sometimes for days, sometimes for months. There they are, slowly languishing away, dreaming

(of electric sheep)

of that inn they’re going to open once their adventures are over. For some,, the adventures are over faster than anyone could expect. Alas – Sharessa the night elf druid, and Millicent the gnome warlock, has … “opened an inn”. The former in Dolanaar, the latter in Ironforge (gnome district). Once again thus, I never got a druid past level 12. Or a gnome past 70. Something is jinxed with those dudes, like seriously.

There’s a few reasons for their short career. In practical terms – I needed their slots. There’s no reason having a bunch of alts around that never get any game time. Sure, I could have rolled on another server but then I wouldn’t be able to use the wardrobe of heirlooms. From a more narrative point of view they never quite fit into the profile I’m sort of building. It’s not been a conscious decision mind you. It’s just happened – the Exodar Sisters are, well … Exodar sisters.

(Sharenne the Warlock, albeit human, is an adopted draenei!)

The family is growing though. The age of adventure has come around for the younglings! Lured by the tales of danger and glory Zavessa, a priest “in training” and one of the younger sisters, has taken flight. Away from stuffy (but well lit) crystal chambers – out into the world. What secrets does it hold for an inexperienced priest?

Well … There’s blood elf bandits, for starters.

“Told you. Don’t make me mad. You won’t like it, ‘belf’ boy!”

I didn’t know those guys were around anymore. It’s been years since I last saw one; creeping out of stealth, attacking unsuspecting travelers. The bastard didn’t even wear a bandit mask.

So … Priest number 2, then. Why a priest? Well – I like casters. Mage is, at least for me at this point, too weak. I don’t know what Mists of Pandaria did to the class – probably made it better (according to WoW Insider).

For me the mage-class is pretty much utterly destroyed. All the things I once knew by heart is gone and I seem to be unable to wrap my head around the new black.

Hence a priest. It started with Vassannah. I flew through the levels like an unstoppable wrecking ball. An unforseen and evry untimely “death”* in the Stockades ended a suite of Zero Deaths up until level 20, but other than that Everything Felt Right.

There’s a perfect balance to the class. Shadow, the “pure” damage class, is very welcoming. It’s a perfect blend of keeping up DoTs and wreak havoc with consistent damage. Even the healing bit of the class is funny; Discipline looks like a … battle healer. I imagine the Discipline priest as one of those grumpy old veterans of the battlefield who with scolding commands and harsh lessons teach the tenderfeet how to stay alive – and the enemy how to die. Of course, I really don’t like to play healer – it’s usually too much waiting and inactivity.

(At least in dungeons. I haven’t gotten my feet wet with raid healing yet. It’s on my “to do”-list.)

Shadow speaks to me. As I’m more often than not solo content – nudging the higher levels slowly but unrelenting – I’ve found shadow to be a perfect solo clothie. There’s plenty of heals and there’s plenty of Things To Do That Hurt A Lot. So – it is time for Zavessa.

You can tell she’s the “newer” sisters ust by the name. I’m picky with my names. I tried out a number of naming combinations ending in “anna” or “annah” for her – but nothing worked.

Zavessa did work. The name … “spoke” to me. She’s not going to be one of the dust-collectors. That’s for sure. The pale young draenei (what memories of Draenor she carrries I do not yet know) shocked the family when she left her studies, traveled by ship to “human lands” and … slipped.

(She very nearly missed the boat. By the time she was back on the docks the ship was leaving. Her very first adrenaline adventure thus consist of running, leaping – and very nearly ending up in teh water. Again. She did manage to get on board thanks to a graphics glitch – stuck in the side of the ship!)

How Not To Board a Ship, Lesson 1: Don’t Slip

There’s a small scandal brewing as well. Zavessa obviously was impressed by Savennas knowledge of Things That Go Boom (lavabolts and dynamite!). Thus Zavessa broke with tradition. Instead of learning how to sew (as all priests do), she’s getting buff from mining and smeared with oil from – engineering. I imagine it must have been quite a shock for her poor mother.

Zavessa, the Holy Engineer, is soon to make another appearance. Stay tuned!


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