The busy little bees of Exodar

I might be too late. But – WoW Insiders Community Blog Topic pose an interesting question – “What are you doing between now and Warlords of Draenor”.

Ah, yes … What am I doing?

The Legendary Cloak
First of all, I’m still on various stages of the Legendary Cloak-quest. The priest Vassannah is slowly nudging towards teh dread PvP-stage. I’m not exactly looking forward to that particular part of it but with a bit of luck I’ll get an expert Pvp’er as bodyguard. I’ll just hide in ab ush I think … watching Mookíe the Retadin lay waste to the Horde. Hey! It’s a proven tactic! As long as I run around a bit now and then and look very busy and focused no one will suspect a thing. Actually – how to look extremely busy while doing nothing is a skill I honed during my time in business to business-sales.

Trust me, sales aren’t too far from PvP.

The elemental shaman Savenna and the warlock Sharenne is also busy with the cloaking. Though they still miss a bunch of sigils each. I’m in no particular hurry with the cloak for either of them. But I figure if I’m going to cap VP anyway – and find shinies in Garrosh footlocker – I might as well keep the quest alive.

Of course … One needs to be well dressed when one ventures into LFR.

The Gear Starts Here
I have nothing against people who wear whatever they’ve found among the bloodies corpses of Orgrimmars streets. Some people care more about function than form – and that’s cool. Others, like me (and many others), find function can work just as well in great form as well. Beyond a doubt transmogging constitute roughly 50% of all the fun with World of Warcraft – at least for me. The other 50% is the leveling, I enjoy leveling. Fast and furious or slow and careful, it doesn’t matter. Combined with transmog the fun is 100%. Well, almost. 98.5%. If one of the Gruul bosses could drop that damned helm …

But how to go from this:

Savenna, fresh out of pod-life wearing family heirlooms.

to this:

Oh Raggie … It’s me.

That is in itself a journey. A game. End game gear are a means to an end to get the gear that looks good.

Just what looks good is of course in the eye of the beholder. Transmog has also reignited the interest in finding old crafting recipies and patterns. Wich, in the case of Vassannah, means going from this:


Every journey starts with a single step. And heirlooms.

to this:

Truefaith Vestments, still demure

Reputations, Reputations, Reputations
Juggling LFR with Siege of Orgrimmar, 3 mains with VP-caps, transmog hunting and mopping up whatever old dungeon- and raid achievements I’ve missed really keeps me busy. As a bonus I’m building rep with old factions – and new ones. With the changes to the rep grind I’ve found them a lot more enjoyable than before. So, the latest Exalted current faction reputation is with Order of the Wind Serpent … and to be perfectly honest: I did it because of their tabard. White lace. Irrestistible!


(By sheer luck I even found a use for the Order of the Wind Serpent-tabard; can’t go wrong with white lace.)

The small talk of transmogs and commentaries – usually friendly or at least not too mean – helps through the lull of waiting for tanks or healers or whatnot. I’m slowly inching my way towards exalted with the Shado Pan as well; August Celestials and Golden Lotus are done (finally!). Older reps is slowly ticking upwards but I’m not “working” on them. The reputation is a welcome bonus whenever I venture into whatever dngeon or old raid hunting down nice transmog items.

Experience tells me: A new expansion is expensive. So I’m doing my best stockpiling gold when I can. I’m running a small but in my eyes lucrative business with expensive JC mounts. Cloth drops and gear from mainly BC dungeons usually sell well. I can’t say my Exodar Sisters are particularly wealthy – but they make do.

1-2 hours of mining per day keeps the Ghost Iron deposits on the AH at a reasonable level. Mining is probably the backbone of my economy. It finances the more expensive adventures … such as *cough* transmog gear.

I’m keeping busy. The legendary cloak. The reputations. The economy. The hunt for better gear, current one. The transmog gear. By the time the ships sail for Draenor, the Exodar Sisters will come down on the Iron Horde with ferocious fury and violent vengeance … well dressed.


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