The dead horse


Rivendare will be a bit upset when he comes back from the never ending war on the Scarlet Crusade by the shore not far from Lights Hope Chapel and finds his stable … empty. Of course, he would actually be travelling backwards in time to a period when the Scourge reigned supreme, but lately, time travel seems to be quite the fad among the denizens of Azeroth. But what about his horse, then? His Deathcharger?

Well, after 5 years of on and off farming for the horse it finally dropped for me. Roughly at 3 a.m on saturday night. I wasn’t even farming for it in particular – rather, I was killing Scourge by the hundreds so I could steal their Mageweave. The cloth were later turned into clothes fitting a warlock – even if said warlock is …



Dear readers (if there are any). Meet Millicent Felflux, of the Manastorm branch, but no one talks about her elder brother (Millhouse). Not anymore. It’s bad enough he hitched a ride with a spaceship and later got mixed up with End of the World- elements, now he’s a pit fighter – stuff like that can make anyone the black sheep of the family.

Millicent left the glow-a-night dorms of her “family” with the words “Remember Millhouse!” on a rather snowy friday evening. For reasons yet to be explained she was “adopted” by a bunch of slightly quirky draenei; a fallen paladin who once again is a banker, a farming death knight, a lazy monk, a shadow priest with a severe case of “I need to get laid”, a fashionista shaman who for some reason just loves to tinker. And, of course, the warlock who hates squirrels.

There’s two warlocks in the family now. The fel contagion is slowly spreading … I still retain a vain hope of draenei warlocks. If that happens there will be three of them; my mage on hiatus will be slated for re-education (and a free 90-boost).

There’s two reasons for Millicents birth: First, the guild master – a gnome death knight (who once were weorgen) got a tiny bit annoyed about the barrage of gnome jokes. Wich is understandable. Second – the new models, they allready got me sold on gnomes and Warlords of Draenor isn’t even out yet. I figured the only way to stop the jokes would be a deeper understanding of the wee ones, the one’s who need a stepladder to reach their mount – or a box to reach an ordinary post box.


Millicent is as of this writing starting her 42:nd level of warlockery. No doubt she’ll hit Outland really soon.

That’s not the case with the mysterious “guest draenei”. Sharessa – who once was a human rogue who since has “opened an inn” – is still stuck in Elwynn Forrest. Switching between night elf and cat depending on the distance to the next mineral node or flower. No doubt she’ll be the talk of the family come next family gathering …


“Weren’t you human?”
“I have changed, okay! I have changed!”

She’s a bit moody, that one. And you know what?

I think it’s a good thing the Powers That Be stipulate a family-size of eleven people. Otherwise the soap opera would be too complicated. But I’m also keeping up hope for a connected realm-thingie for Saurfang. If that happens there’s room for eleven more.

Ten draenei and one gnome.

Meanwhile, Millicent is the sole and proud bearer of the Gnomeregan heritage. Naturally, she’s allredy best pal with the tinkering shaman. There was no real choice when thinking about proffessions. Not for a gnome.

Meet Millicent. The engineer warlock.



One thought on “The dead horse

  1. Laeleiweyn November 24, 2013 / 11:35 am

    Grats on the mount (grumble, grumble)! I’ve actually seen it drop twice. Still don’t have it though…

    Millicent is adorable (and deadly I assume). 🙂

    Here’s to draenei warlocks, rogues and druids!

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