These are not the droods you’re looking for


This is not a druid

This week is #Druidweek (look for that tag on Twitter if you like). The idea of an Alt Appreciation Week started out over at World of Lae with “Death knight week” a week ago and thus it continues with druids. We all know that DRUIDS ARE FIT 4 FITE, right? Well … Everyone else knows it. Apparently. My excursions into the realm of druidism has of now not been very lucky.

I mean, there’s a limit in every family how many species you can actually adopt. My family is (mostly) draenei with a “naturalised draenei” of human origin thrown into the mix (that’s my warlock, the foulmouthed Sharenne but with a heart of gold, at least when it comes to kittens). There’s a glaring lack of night elves. Or, you know, any other druidic race. Add to this my own personal dislike of druids and you get a severe druid shortage in my character roster. That doesn’t stop me however. Rules are meant to be broken!

I’m not a total druid noob. I have played druid once in a while, allthough none of them last longer than level 20. this in itself is a conundrum since I find the idea of a shapeshifting class very interesting.

My first druid – she’s now running an inn at Teldrassil – was born around 2009. Altariel (wich at the time I thought was a fitting night elf name) made it to I believe it was level 20. Then my subscription ran out. When I returned a few weeks later I did what I always do: I started a new character (a draenei, of course; I think it was Creannah the Shaman).

Altariel languished for some time in my roster before she eventually opened an inn (that is – deleted). I didn’t think much of it at the time even though I did have some fun with her. Most memorable moment was in fact a level 80 Tauren druid who bowed to me while I was trying to find my way in Moonglade.

My second druid was born around 2010. Alas – I can’t remember the name. No doubt her bones are still somewhere in Ashenvale; there’s where she fell victim to a wolf. There’s where I rage quit, fed up with her career. Not every druid is a good druid, you know.

My third druid was a night elf as well. Her name was Efrosyne. My plan was to level her as a healer and nothing but a healer. My old guild, now defunct but reborn as Eternal Exiles, planned on leveling a complete dungeon group. the plan petered out into nothingness due to lack of interest and a stormcloud of petty guild drama (wich eventually led to the destruction of the guild in question; I remember a “guild meeting” with me and a few others stuck right inside the entrance to Gun’drak while all the accumulated bile and bitterness of Some People just spewed forth … and 48 hours later I had removed 9 characters out of 10 from the guild and joined the Eternal Exiles).

Yeah, you guessed it, no doubt. Efrosyne opened an inn close to the Stormwind harbor. Given the prevalence of alts opening inns maybe I should start a franchise of Azeroths version of Starbucks.


There you have it. I’ve been known to roll druids. My druids either die or start cooking for hungry heroes. None of them, as of yet, has made it past level 20.

These are not the droods you’re looking for.


3 thoughts on “These are not the droods you’re looking for

  1. Umlaut Paradots August 26, 2013 / 9:23 pm

    Perhaps you could name the chain ” Alt R. Nate’s Inn and Pub”? Just a thought. :p

    • klokbok August 26, 2013 / 9:56 pm

      Now there’s an idea. It will spread across Azeroth like a new Scourge. And I will be the worlds new dark and terrible queen (uhm, king) and all will tremble and despair!

      Well, once they see the prices of the a la carte they will.

  2. Laeleiweyn August 27, 2013 / 7:41 am

    I’m afraid my story is pretty similar to yours this week. It’s nice you’re participating in Druid Week anyway though. They deserve some praise, even though they’re completely impossible to play… 😉

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