Draenei in need of love


Too hot to touch! For three expansions … 

– – – – –

Sorry, I’m prone to ad-lib madness.

Darkness. voices around a far away Basic Campfire.

“Ideas for what’s next?”
“GET OUT!!!” *deep sigh* “Right. Anyone?”
“Let’s torch the world, reboot the whole shabang and call it Cataclysm!”
“And dragons, Mike! UNDEAD DRAGONS!!!”
“Don’t be silly, Sam.”
“MAD AND CRAZY GIANT DRAGONS!!! Undead? Ha! Old idea, mate. Soz.”
“Crazy dragons? Yeah … Yeah! That’s how you develop a game!”
“Thank you.”
“Can we have another one, just a toddler? You know what two year olds are like, right?”
“Next x-pac, guaranteed.”
“And paladins?”
“Paladins would make it unbalanced.”


– – – – –

The topic of the week from WoW Insiders Community Blog Topic focus on what faction I’d like to see more of. I have to hand it to you, there was a tremendous outpouring of support for the Big Blue (draenei, that is). And the Furry Friends of Doom (worgen, that is). There was even a gnome-sized pile of support for the Constant Comic Sidekicks (gnomes, that is). I have to say I wholeheartedly agree. Especially in regards to the draenei.

Draenei are the gun on stage.

I have heard about the Big Retcon. I never saw it myself. I came to Azeroth very late, by the end of the Burning Crusade. It wasn’t until shortly after the first patch of Wrath of the Lich king I found my draenei. Retcongate wasn’t much of a big deal for me; I had been, up to that point, a Horde player (mostly blood elves). I wasn’t much of a lore junkie either back then (these days I’m slightly worse). I hardly even knew a world of Warcraft community existed.

Google is my friend here. The short order of the “scandal” is probably known to you. If not this is the gist of it:

In the Warcraft III manual the Eredar was bad. Like, seriously bad. So bad that Sargeras decided to punch them in the face. So he did (apparently). Then comes the Burning Crusade expansion. Draenei, a completely outlandish (pun intended) race appears and we can sum them up with “Once We Were Eredar” (this is also a pun, based on a fantastic movie).

Right now, what we have is this: The seriously bad gangbangers of space, the Eredar, seems to have come out alive on the other side of a cosmic penitentary program and promptly been hired as the Universes SWAT-team (ok, draenei mostly flee but you know, the Cosmos is a vicious ‘hood).

In short: mr Metzen dropped the ball. Since then the lore development team seems to think of said ball as a white hot stone. They can’t touch it, dented egos are too hot to touch, I guess. So they just poke. Carefully … On rare occasions.

“‘sup, Mike?”
“I burned my fingers, Greg!”
“Well, don’t touch those draenei gurls. Dey hot hot hot!”
“Lawls, Greg! Ok, so – about Thrall – balls around the neck, good or bad? Remember who’s paying your salary.”
“Great idea! Art Department, we got a mission for you!”)

Is it true? the Retcongate? Apparently so. Still, you know … I like to think that Blizzard, while owning up to their mistake, have plans for using said mistake in a positive manner. The story itself lends itself to a lot of freedom for new (and potentially insane) ideas.

(“Dragons! Undea–“
“Shut! Up!”)

We have to remember that the backstory of World of Warcraft is an epic story spanning many years of in-game lore. Every expansion we get we see a new chapter opened. I am an optimist so my feeling is this:

Draenei is the gun on stage.

I believe it was Tolstoy who said something along the lines of “if you plant a rifle on stage in Act I you must use it sometime before Act V”. Right now we are at Act V. World of Warcraft is more of a ultrasupermega-opera, one of those Wagner could only dream of.

We are soon upon Act VI. The draenei gun has been on stage since Act II. Use it, mr Metzen. How you use it is up to you. It’s your lore department, all we in the audience can do is speculate. While speculating is fun it’s unlikely much of it will be true in game. So, you know: Our time is nigh! The draenei gun on stage is loaded. It’s ready.

It’s got a great ass and fantastic abs.

– – – – –

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