There’s no carrots in Molten Core

What in Azeroth does thath even mean!? Well, uhm … I was toying with the idea of spinning some sort of story around each of my screenshots. Or almost each of them. To be honest there’s not that many screens in my folder. For reasons unexplained I must have dumped a lot of them a long time ago. Most likely while cleaning my computer.

(I do this on a regular basis; it’s a thing. Once upon a time I had a computer with very limited space and I grew accustomed to cleaning out “trash” in order to free up disk space. Even though I don’t actually need to do this anymore, some habits are hard to break.

Wich reminds me: First order of business once I’m able to actually play again will be screenshots. Lots of them!)

But carrots!?

Oh, uhm … I was still thinking about my short story in wich my DK (aka “the Dead One”) spends most of her time in Halfhill. Growing carrots. Then I looked through my screenshots, undecided wether to write something about them or not. And found this:


I like the composition of it. There’s a certain sense of inevitable doom for poor Rag. Zavannah (“the Dead One”) is level 90 after all. Mind you, he’s not to be trifled with. His knockback is still pretty awesome – if he gets that far.

He rarely do.

Speaking of doom, Ragnaros isn’t the only one who’s taken a beating. In this day and age of walking weapons of mass destruction our heroes have come to be, not even old C’Thun is safe anymore. There it is, happpily staring into whatever it is an Old God is staring at. Thinking about all the countless raiders turned into pulp over the years … and then a crazy schoolgirlshows up.

At least something schoolgirlish; there’s a certain flair to the “evil schoolgirl” look. Interesting though – I’ve never been very keen on manga or anime. I guess there’s some hidden coincidental or general sex appeal in scantily dressed females. With horns. I do remember this “raid”. Quite fond of it in fact. It speaks volumes about me as a player in general and more to the point – me and raiding. Or rather – non-raiding.

When old content opened up – when old raids no longer required a raid group – I went a bit overboard. The first evening and night following the patch wherein the raid group requirement no longer applied, I ran Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, Ruins of Ahn Qiraij and Temple of Ahn Qiraijj on every single high level character.

I had 5 of them. The one old raid I had trouble with was the Temple; I never made it past the Twins. It bugged me (is there a pun in there?).

It wasn’t the first time I was in the Temple. That’s why it bugged me. Agreed, we did have some trouble with the twins but that was because we didn’t know. It’s more fun that way, allright!?

I think it was in august 2012 when me and two other guildies – a paladin and a mage – ventured there. It turned out to be a slapstick encounter of many curious wipes and hilarious accidents. All of us went in blind; no reason to do research when you’re awesome! Ahem …

The mage jumped on his death knight. We recruited another paladin who came online, and I seem to remember a healer short on time as well. All in all it was a typical thing for us: We don’t care (much) about proffesional behaviour. Dying horribly with a laugh is almost as fun as the ancient purple drops from old and obsolete bosses. Such as the Old God below.


Speaking of hilarious deaths, my shop-a-holic shaman Creannah made the news some years back following an unfortunate accident. There I was, happily leveling through Outland, Hellfire Peninsula. I knew of all the dangers. I knew!

A short lapse of vigilance ended badly. I was focused on teh green blobs, I had to kill 10 of them I think. I saw a Terrorfiend (or whatever they’re called) in the distance and sorted the demon under “next to kill”. You see, I like ranged classes. Do it right and it’s just like a sniper; picking targets, the kill order, the focus of fire. The immersion of the task at hand, oblivious of the world around you. Like one of the first lines in the movie Enemy at the Gates: “I am a stone … “

A stone, as it turned out, with poor hearing. I didn’t hear the foghorn until it was too late. Then: SPLAT! For some reason a few days later after I made the cut for Around Azeroth over on WoW Insider, I got a lot of whispers and back-slapping from people I didn’t even knew on my server. Sort of fifteen minutes of fame. So, you know, Fel Reavers are good for something at least. Now, if only they could drop soemthing more fashionable than some dirty rags and 45 silver I’d be even more happy.


It’s become sort of a tradition to one-shot them with a 90 whenever I see one while flying over Hellfire Peninsula. By now they probably fear me more than I fear them (whenever I roll a lower level alt thorugh their domain). I don’t care if they’re old content.

Old content is fun. It’s God Mode gaming, sure, but it’s still fun.

That, however, is a story of its own.


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