Uncluttering my desktop step by step

Once in a while I save a comment I’ve made. My dekstop is littered with Notepad-files. Why I do it? Well, I’m a hoarder (not a horder!). Sometimes I think I’ve been witty and saves it for posterity. Besides, I still havent figured out how to access my comments history on mostly WoW Insider.

The important thing for a new blog, some say, is material. I’m in no short supply of it. As a side effect my desktop becomes less cluttered. Wich is nice. So – let me give you an insight into the process of developing a product such as World of Warcraft.

This is not the truth, btw. Think of it as Office Space. There’s a reference to it in the text, as well.


Sometimes things takes a bit of time. First there’s someone who reads your post and writes up a PM. Then the PM is delivered to Huck, who compiles it into a brief for Frank, who prints out the brief in time for Meeting A. Then Frank needs to find Milton for the stapler. Then Frank has to call security since Milton threatens to burn down the building if someone touch his stapler. Then Frank staples the brief and sends it to the Next Level.

Bill, at the Next Level, brings the brief to Meeting A, where due to a lucnh break and then Meeting B Franks brief is postponed to a later date (“When?”, says Frank, and his boss replies “Soon”). At Meeting C, at afore mentioned “later date”, Franks brief is looked at and put in a “to do” list. Also in this list is things like “nerf mages” wich always takes precedence over anything.

At Meeting D Franks brief is ok’ed (in the dok’er) and sent to Middle Management. There, the brief is compiled into a XML document and fed into a “patch list program”. This enables Sharon to bring up Franks brief at Meeting E. Wich is followed by Meeting F, wich in fact has nothing to do with Sharons brief but rather why Milton failed his sensitivity training and called her Something Very Bad. At Meeting G Sharons brief is ok’ed and sent to Senior Middle Managment Programmers And Designer Workshop Committee.

Lisa, a up and coming programmer, thinks that the proposed UI element don’t work with the “general graphic feel”. This is solved at Meeting H. Meeting I is postponed to a later date (“soon”) while Senior Middle Managment Programmers And Designer Workshop Committee works on the latest nerf to mages.

At Meeting J it is discovered that Chuck never went to Meeting I, wich of course was caused by Chuck being at Meeting K, wich involved people from Senior Middle Managment Programmers And Designer Workshop Committee and the Upper Management Senior Staff (see meeting L).

Tim is adviced to “come up with a game plan”. since Tim is a programmer, his proposed plan is renegged by the Graphics Design Team (UI Elemements) and gets involved in Workgroup A, who at Meetings M-P and follow-up Meeting Q is whisked away by a Mysterious Beeing called Q (that was his meeting). Once back, the altered plan is sent to Jean Luc.

Jean Luc piques the interest of the evolved brief at a watercooler meeting, wich then turns into a staff meeting, wich in turn leads to Meeting R. It is decided that since there’s parts of both code and UI, as well as potential Intellectual Property questions – given the origin of the idea – that Legal should take a look at it. Before Mike, the lawyer, can ok the project programmers and graphic artists are re-assigned other development projects, usually nerfing mages. Mike ok’s the project.

At Meeting S the project is given a green light, wich of course leads to Meeting T where Rover the intern questions the term “green light” (since Rover actually is from Mars and finds “green” to be a racial slur). At Meeting U, a sensitivity training meeting, Lei Ping blurts out something Bad and is fired.

Meeting V decides to hire Olof, who once he’s settled in ask for an up-date on routines. In 3 concurrent meetings, W-Y, Olof is briefed on all things important. He can thus attend Meeting Z, wich finally gives the relevant information to programmers, coders and graphics artists.

1 minute 30 seconds later the change has been implemented, awaiting the next patch.

2 years is actually pretty fast. Dance Studio is still looking for the stapler.


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