In Character: Question of the week

Is leveling too easy?

Over at Wow Insider their latest community blog topic ask the very same question. Apparently former WoW developer Mark Kern believe it is. There’s been a lot of talk about this so I won’t repeat what we all know. Wich, if I may sum it up, is: Yes but no, or you know – maybe?

Heirlooms and all other XP buffs sends your fresh alt on a supertrain through the 1-60 zones, and slightly slower the higher you get. Well, surely you now all this – so I’m taking this baby out for a different spin.

Has anyone actually asked the ones that matter in all this? Joining me now is Shuanna of the Exodar – careful with that mace! – for a short talk. So let’s kick it off, shall we? Does time fly by? Is experience too easy? Why don’t the wolves bite first? The mogu sure do! What do you say?

(If you want hard facts you won’t find it here. Be advised. I might make you chuckle though. And that can’t be all bad, right?)

Shuanna: that your wine or mine?

Editor: Uhm … yours. If you want it.

Shuanna: Thanks.


Editor: So?

Shuanna: So what?

Editor: Leveling? Is it to easy?

Shuanna: Heck, sure it is! Even the dead knights can do it. And they cheat!

Editor: Is this going to be another one of those “my sister hates me bacause she’s dead!”-things?

Shuanna: Well you started it!

Editor: Na-aah!


Editor: Ouww!

Shuanna: See. that wasn’t too hard. I hardly got any points at all.

Editor: So … Leveling is not too easy, then?

Shuanna: Only if you farm editors.

Editor: Ouww! Stop it! I mean it! I’ll show them the Picture!

Shuanna: You wouldn’t!

Editor: Sure I would.

Shuanna: You’re evil. Well allright then. Is leveling too easy? Well, that depends on who you ask, no? I had a friend once who couldn’t wait for “end game”. He rushed out of the life pod and blam! A day later he was halfway to Felwood. A week later he was showing off the latest fad in Armor With Spikey Things. By the time I finally got to Ragnaros the Fire Lord was huddled in a corner whimpering “no more, please! I can’t take it!”. You know what I did? I put a fire blanket over him. Then I whispered in his ear “Too soon … ” That made him mad. So I killed him. Seven years late. See? How fast you level depends on how fast you want the journey to be over.

I’m savouring the moments. I can stop in awe at a sunset over Westfall. I’ve seen things you humans could not possibly understand. Attackships on fire near the shoulder of Ashenvale. Felbeams glitter in the darkness near Tempest Keep. All those moments will be lost in time … _if_ you run through the content of the world like a ferret on Bloodthistle.

Sure, a lot of people hate the wonders of nature. They don’t care about the painted ceilings of Karazhan. Or you know, just how far you can see from the top of Mount Neverest. A lot of people rush through the world with their eyes set on The Price. The shinies. Be the Best. But you know what? There’s something greater than being the best. That’s to be all you can be.

Does it matter if Stormwind Daily News headline reads “Stressguy World First Cook!”? Nope, not in the bigger picture. Azeroth has 8 million inhabitants, right? How many of those actually care about world firsts? It’s a good thing to be the best at what you are, I agree. But sometimes … being the best is not being the fastest. Most of the time being the best means – being the least.

Uh-huh. And … what about end game?

Shuanna: What’s end game? being the first one into the maws of madness? Every single soldier I’ve seen take point going into a lair or fortress – every single one of them came back in a body bag. Sometimes three body bags. The smart ones, they stay behind. They wait. I hear Illidan is still around even though people rushed to save the world. And got slaughtered.

To put it this way: Leveling is a mindset. If you want your glory before everybody else, go ahead and chase the shinies. If you want to experience the world, take your time. There’s room for both in Azeroth. If you see Azeroth as a sports arena where the best is the first or the top ten, there’s room for pro competition. If you feel a rush of adrenaline killing the boss before anyone else, that’s your game. Use any means possible to get there; heirlooms, potions, whatever. I stand in awe for some of those guys, truly. They’re the elite – the rest of us, well, we’re the dregs.

Being last isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Stop and smell the flowers, you know? Do what you want – there’s plenty of room and time for that experience you seek. Sure, life gets simpler if you’re stronger. Poking Rag in the midriff is a lot more fun aged 90 than aged 60 (he hits like an old kurenai, you know). But it all comes down to this: What Do You Want To Do?

Me, I’m perfectly content with being last. Mind you, I never was a very good paladin and I still suck (from what I’ve heard). But you know – I suck good.

Editor: Please, maybe children reads this!

Shuanna: Dirty mind you got there, mister editor.


Editor: Ouww! Stop it!

Shuanna: Take your time or rush your time. It doesn’t matter. Life is more than the latest shoulders or the best cloak. Sometimes, life is riding through Terrokar at dawn. It might not be effective – but it’s beutiful. What would our world look like if everyone was effective?

Shadowmoon Valley.


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