Head canon ftw!

You know what the best thing is about not being able to play World of Warcraft? You have a lot of time on your hands. That’s the best thing.

I’m no time manager. I have trouble managing when to get up (sleep-ins are a prevalent thing in my life, much to my more disciplined sides chagrin). So, since I’m technicallty unable to actually play World of Warcraft, the backburner business is taken care of.

This blog started in 2012. It’s been more than a year since the first post. As you can imagine a lot of things has happened in Azeroth, so this is still not a strategy guide. If you want the latest news on BiS or whatever, don’t continue.

I’ve gathered all my toons on a non RP server (EU-Saurfang, should you happen by). I won’t server change until it’s free and besides: I kinda like it there. The guild is a great bunch of casual and friendly people. Some of us are so casual we’ve gone full circle. Uhm, that’s me, that is. When I’m able (I really need a new computer) don’t be suprised if you see me on 10-12 hours. Of course, I’m not always active, but hey! I’m still there.

As things are, I haven’t visited Azeroth in-game since december 2012, so that’s why my iLvls seem low. Also, I don’t raid. Much. Unless someone ties me to a chair, surronds me with kindling, strikes a match and whispers in a threatening tone: ”Ready to raid, punk!?”.

I have a sort-of idea with this project. It will be a form of living narrative for my stable of mains and alts (and the occasional banker). You won’t find pro-tip posts or the like. More like … uhm … ramblings? A sometimes hilarious head canon? Yeah, something like that.

The “short stories” above (The Family) is the story of a slightly dysfunctional draenei family. All sisters. Touch wood; you never know, they might get a brother eventually. Most likely their mother will show up instead. After all, I had to do something eith all the stuff I’ve thought about while spending time with all of my characters.

They’re a strange bunch … not exactly the finest examples of upstanding Exodar citizens. I know for a fact that Zavannah isn’t welcome anymore (sure they let her in, but the guards tighten their grip around their hammers and the bag vendor faints). Well, not really – that only happens in my head.



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